A wide range of magnetic separator equipment for foreign body removal within the recycling industry

Ensure your recycling process runs efficiently and prevent costly interruptions with our comprehensive consultation service and bespoke design and product manufacture.

We can examine your entire recycling process and advise on the most strategic locations for magnetic separation equipment, to remove larger contaminants such as nuts, bolts and screws, as well as ferrous particles as small as 30 microns and tiny paramagnetic particles such as stainless steel scrapings from worn equipment.

At Rowland Magnetic Solutions, we have experience of designing and manufacturing specifically for the recycling industry and we can advise on the most appropriate magnetic equipment to withstand the demands of the various stages of recycling processes while providing optimum filtration performance.

Our wide range of magnetic separators includes grid, bullet, drum, box and rotary separators, magnetic plates, tubes and rollers, and can filter and extract contaminants from powder, granular, liquid and paste products. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of automated and self cleaning separators for maximum efficiency.

Our high performing equipment utilises powerful Rare Earth (Neodymium) magnets and can be made to strengths of up to 12000 gauss. We can supply ATEX certified products where required.

At Rowland Magnetic Solutions we are proud to offer an ongoing service of technical support and advice.

Featured Products:

Easy Clean Boxed Magnetic Grid Separator

Easy Clean Boxed Grid Separator BG0201

Batch Auto Clean Boxed Grid Separator

Batch Auto Clean Boxed Grid Separator BG0202

Constant Flow Auto Clean Boxed Grid Separator

Constant Flow Auto Clean Boxed Grid Separator BG0203

Easy Clean Double Boxed Grid Separator

Easy Clean Double Boxed Grid Separator BD0211

Easy Clean Boxed Grid Separator with Transitions

Easy Clean Boxed Grid Separator with Transitions BT0221

Bullet Magnet Separator

Bullet Magnet Separator BS0600

Drum Separator

Drum Separator DS0404

Box Separator

Box Separator BX0700

Easy Clean Rotary Separator

Easy Clean Rotary Separator RS0301

Grid Separator

Grid Separator GS0100

Easy Clean Grid Separator

Easy Clean Grid Separator GS0101

Magnetic Tube

Magnetic Tube MT3000

Magnetic Plate

Magnetic Plate MP4000

Hinged Magnetic Plate

Hinged Magnetic Plate MP4010

Magnetic Conveyor Roller

Magnetic Conveyor Roller MR3010