Forklift Magnet

Forklift Magnet


Product Specification:

  • Maximum working height: 100mm – 125mm from surface
  • Manufactured to any length required
  • Brackets sized to suit fork dimensions


Product Information:

Forklift Magnet FL5000

The Forklift Magnet attachment easily attaches to the forks of a forklift truck, allowing the truck to act as a sweeper, clearing ferrous debris effectively and efficiently from a multitude of areas where the debris could present a hazard, from factory floors and loading areas to car parks and runways.  

The Magnet works so efficiently that large contaminated areas can be cleared quickly allowing productivity to continue, whilst reducing the risk of damage or personal injury.

The magnet can be manufactured to whatever length is required and brackets can be sized to suit fork dimensions.

To clean the magnet, manually wipe the surface to remove the debris.

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