Conveyor Belt Magnetic Assembly

Conveyor Belt Magnetic Assembly

Product Specification:

  • Material 316L / 304L
  • Size and magnetic strength to suit application
  • Max. operating temperature 60 °C (Higher temp designs available)
  • Finish Dull Polished (standard) other finishes available

Product Information:

Conveyor Belt Magnetic Assembly CB6000

The Conveyor Belt Magnetic Assembly is used for the transport of ferromagnetic items, such as empty or full cans, lids or aerosol cans, along a conveyor belt system. The magnetic components allow the items to be conveyed at various gradients.

The components of the assembly, the Magnetic Wheel and the Magnetic Rails, are fully bespoke and can be manufactured according to the requirements of the application with regard to diameter, width, length and strength of magnets. The shape of the rails can also be altered to provide, for example, an arc as an alternative to the wheel.

We can provide a Conveyor Belt Magnetic Assembly solution to transport a variety of items (taking into account shape, size and weight) on conveyors of different belt types, speeds and gradients, in both wet and dry environments.

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