Palletization Magnet

Palletization Magnet

Product Specification:

  • Material 316L / 304L / Aluminium
  • Size and nesting arrangement to suit application
  • Max. operating temperature 60 °C (Higher temp designs available)
  • Finish Bead Blast (standard) other finishes available

Product Information:

Palletization Magnet PM7000

The Palletization Magnet facilitates an automated process for packing and unpacking items on a pallet and is suitable for picking up empty or filled tins and aerosol cans, as well as non-magnetic items with steel lids.

The powerful magnetic plate is able to lift and hold a group of products for as long as required, in order to move them to the next stage of the production process. To release the product, the internal magnets are raised using pneumatic rams which weakens the magnetic hold on the product. Lowering the internal magnets again allows more products to be lifted.

The Palletization Magnet can be manufactured to any size and nesting arrangement according to the required application.

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