A range of magnetic equipment to aid industrial lifting and handling processes

We design and manufacture magnetic solutions to aid lifting and handling processes, including fork lift magnets, palletization magnets, magnetic sheet separators and magnetic assemblies for conveyor belt systems.

Our powerful Forklift Magnet is ideal for clearing ferrous debris efficiently and effectively from a multitude of areas where debris could present a hazard, from factory floors and loading areas to car parks and runways.

Our Conveyor Belt Magnetic Assembly, including Magnetic Rails and Magnetic Wheels, is used for the transport of ferromagnetic items, such as empty or full cans, lids or aerosol cans along a conveyor belt system.

Our Palletization Magnet facilitates an automated process for efficiently packing and unpacking items on a pallet and is suitable for picking up empty or filled tins and aerosol cans, as well as non-magnetic items with steel lids.

Our Magnetic Sheet Separator, or plate separator, is suitable for use in sheet steel processing industries and is ideal for the separation of oiled or sticky steel sheets.

Featured Products:

Forklift Magnet

Forklift Magnet FL5000

Conveyor Belt Magnetic Assembly

Conveyor Belt Magnetic Assembly CB6000

Palletization Magnet

Palletization Magnet PM7000

Magnetic Sheet Separator

Magnetic Sheet Separator SS8000