Hinged Magnetic Plate

Hinged Magnetic Plate

Product Specification:

  • Material  316L / 304L
  • Size and shape to suit application
  • Hygienic design
  • Min. Fe-particle size that can be caught 50 µm
  • Max. operating temperature 60 °C (Higher temp designs available)
  • Surface Finish Dull polish (standard) other finishes available
  • Field strength (flux density) on suface (±5%) 4500 gauss

Product Information:

Hinged Magnetic Plate MP4010

The Hinged Magnetic Plate Separator can be installed above a variety of conveyor belt systems or at the side of chutes for the filtration of ferrous particulates from a range of products within the foodchemical, pharmaceutical, ceramicanimal feed and recycling industries. As the powerful magnets are fully encased in stainless steel, this plate separator is ideal for both wet and dry applications.

The Hinged Magnetic Plate can be manufactured to any size or shape required and can be made to strengths of up to 4500 gauss.

As it is hinged, this magnetic plate can be lifted away from the production area before manually wiping the surface to remove the contaminant. This has the advantage of ensuring that contaminant cannot fall back into the production area during the cleaning process.

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